De Lesseps House (now De Lesseps Museum) dates back to the time of the digging of the Suez Canal in 1859. The museum houses a great deal of documents, engineering tools, maps, plans and layouts, as well as various objects related to the French engineer Ferdinand De Lesseps, the ideologist and first director of the Company of the Suez Canal under the reign of Khedive Ismail. Also on display is a fine artistic original piece decorated with decoration with the shape of the two letters ' S.C ', which stands for the phrase "Suez Canal". It also contains the original invitation copy sent to kings and presidents to attend the great legendary ceremony of the inauguration of the Canal in November 17th, 1869.
One can also see De Lesseps' private horse-drawn carriage, encased in glass. His bedroom looks as if it has hardly been touched; old photos, books and various utensils are scattered around the desk by his bed and on the floor.