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Places to visit in Deir Al Madina

Deir al Madina

The site of Deir el Madina is situated in a small valley between the western slope of the mountain of Thebes and the small hill of Qurnet Murai. The purpose for the presence of Deir El Madina is that it lies close to the Valley of the Kings and the Q .....Mas

The Community of Craftsmen and Workers

Studies were carried out on the organization of this worker's village, one of the rare urban structures known today in Egypt, and of the tombs in the necropolis, as well as an Epigraphic analysis of the elements found in the course of the excavation, .....Mas

The Necropolis of Deir Al Madina

At Deir al Madina, at the end of the valley on the heights that overlook the village, one finds the tombs of Sennedjm (TT I), the foreman Inerkhau and of Pashedu, Nakhtamen and the sculptor Ipuy, all artists of the Ramasside period, famous for their .....Mas

Ptolemaic Temple at Deir Al Madina

Directly to the north of the workers village, there is a small Ptolemaic Temple dedicated to Hathor and Maat, to Amenophis son of Hapu and to Imhotep. It was transformed into a monastery in the Coptic period from which the site’s present name orig .....Mas

The Houses of Deir Al Madina

The houses in the village opened directly to the main street, the original houses built on virgin soil, had no foundations, and were composed of mud-brick. Later houses built on rubble, or less favored ground, had basements of stone or brick, and s .....Mas