The Persian occupation of Egypt extended over 121 years, beginning from Cambyses, son of Korush. Cambyses stayed in Egypt for three years, during which he sent an expedition to the Oasis of Siwa to get revenge of its priests who issued a prophecy predicting that Cambyses will lead a short life with a bad destiny in Egypt. The sandstorms swallowed his army, which is still buried in the Sahara Desert. Cambyses sent another expedition to Nubia but Napata princes defeated the Persian Army and Cambyses lost his mind. He died in Syria, on his way back to his country.

King Dara I (Darius I) 

Dara I changed his treatment towards the Egyptian and restored the destructed temples. He made offers to the Egyptian gods and the calf Apis. He also completed the channel begun by Nakau II to connect the Nile with the Red Sea. The Egyptians seized the opportunity that Dara I was busy in his war against the Greeks and broke out a violent revolution against the Persians in the Delta. Aksarkis I and Artakserksis repelled the Egyptian revolutions, led by Delta princes