Emperor Tiberius
During the time of Tiberius, Egypt lived a peaceful era when Rome withdrew one of the legions, leaving only 16700 soldiers in the country. Tiberius was interested in avoiding any action that would provoke the Greeks or Egyptians: he gave orders to investigate any complaint against the governors and he even blamed Governor Aemelius Rectus for collecting too many taxes. During his reign, his heir Germanicus visited Egypt, thus breaking Octavius' order that prohibited members of the Senate from visiting Egypt without the Emperor's permission.
During his visit, Germanicus adopted a series of measures which increased his popularity: he lowered prices and opened wheat silos to put an end to hunger caused by the low flood. All these actions upset Tiberius who criticized him publicly in the Senate and Germanicus had to abandon Egypt immediately. He went to Syria where he fell ill and died. The widow of Germanicus accused Tiberius of murdering her husband. Then Tiberius killed the entire family of Germanicus except (Gaius - Caligula) who became his heir.