Queen Nefertari was Ramses II`s favorite wife and consort. Some scholars believe that she was Nubian, and, may be, that is why Ramses II dedicated here, in Abu Simbel, a temple where she appears almost as high as himself. Here, on top of the 11 meter high façade, Nefertari is reproduced twice as Hathor, with her cow horns, holding the solar disk on her head, while Ramses appears four times, with different crowns. Their children are represented in minor sizes beside their legs. In the hall, in the outer sides, there are six rectangular pillars with sistra representing Hathor's Head, while in the other sides, Ramses II and other deities are represented. On the walls, we can see reliefs of Ramses II in the Battle of Kaddesh while Nefertari is watching him. Another scenes show the coronation of Ramses and Neferati while gods blessing them and other offering scenes. Behind the Hall, there is a small chamber with a beautiful scene of Hathor setting in a bark and sailing in the Nile marshes. In the Sanctuary, there is a caved statue of Hathor, between two sistra, and an image of Ramses II offering lotus flowers to the goddess.