The Battle Between Horus and Seth

The myth is one of the longest and most interesting myths in the ancient Egyptian mythology. At the beginning it was a battle for taking revenge and then it became a struggle for power. Of special interest of this story is the contradiction between civilization that appears clearly in the character of Horus and savageness that appears clearly in the character of Seth.
There are two completely different versions for the myth. One of these versions is narrated, as an epic, in a heroic tone and deals with serious action such as battles and supernatural power and so. The other one is narrated in a highly cynical way that ridicules the heroic action of the heroes and presents the event as just a mild altercation between the gods and goddesses. These different versions are used as a means for raising different public opinions and attitudes towards the heroes of the myth and making it difficult to differentiate between the criminal and the innocent. Of special interest in these versions is that they present the gods as natural human beings not as ideal creatures.

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