The Godess Mut

Mut in the ancient Egyptian mythology was the second member of the triad of Thebes; Amun-Ra's wife and the mother of Khonsu . She was as the Mother of the world who created every thing with the chief god . In the book of the Dead , she is described as the creator of the souls and bodies of the mortal beings and the one who saved them from the dangers of the evil chamber . Mut was also believed to be a protective goddess and this justifies her association with the vulture . Thus she is presented sometimes in the Book of the Dead as a woman with a vulture over her head topped with the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt and some time as a woman with winged arms of a vulture . There are some paintings that identify her with Maat and others display her standing next to the plume of Maat .
The temple in the Karnak was the main center of worshiping Mut and it date from the reign of Amenhutep III , while there are some other places for worshiping her in Upper Egypt . The temple of the Karnak was one of the greatest religious places where the wife of Ptah was amalgamated with her counterpart from Thebes . This building was once admired for its eight granite statues of Sekhmet and its two inner courtyards that are in a ruinous state now .

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