Statue of Ak and Hetep-her-nofert

The Egyptian Museum: Floor 1 Hall 46

Material : Painted Limestone
Height : 49
Found in : Saqqara ()
Period : The Old Kingdom
Dynasty: V
Belonged_to: Hetep-Her-Nofret
The statuary group of Hetep-Her-Nofret was found in Saqqara om the Fifth Dynasty . It is a good example for the typical style of sculpture in the Old Kingdom in the Symmetry and the colors of the statues and even the pose . The statues depict Hetep-Her-Nofret and his wife putting black shoulder-long wig , and setting on a square with a footstool . The couple is seated in the traditional pose of a husband and wife with her hand around him as a sign for warm humanity . Another common tradition in ancient Egyptian sculpture is the yellowish color of woman skin and the dark ocher color for the man .

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