It is debatable whether or not Imhotep , the son of ptah and Sekhmet whose name meant "he who comes in peace , " is the third member of the triad of Memphis . He is depicted as a bald-headed man in a scribe-like posture with papyrus on his knees .
Among his names are the "Great One , Son of Ptah , the Creative God , made by Thenen , Begotten by Him and Beloved by Him , the God of Divine Forms in the Temples , who Gives Life to All Men , the Mighty One of Wonders , the Maker of Times and many other names deifying his great power and blessings .
Recognized as a god of medicine who sent sleep to those in severe pain and suffering , Imhotep was famous for his healing abilities and curative powers , the reason why he was often associated with Thuth , the god of wisdom . The worshipers of Imhotep were usually sacrificing Ibisis in his tomd and sick people pled for being healed by Imhotep's miraculous cures .
One of the most interesting myths of Imhotep highlights his role as the god who helps women to give birth in boys . The tale relates that a miserable married couple had no male heirs went to a temple of Imhotep and pled for giving birth to a boy . Falling asleep in the temple , she had a dream that instructed her to make a medicine for her husband from the root of a certain plant , the colocasia . As she did , she became pregnant with a baby boy .
Besides being Zoser's chief advisor early in the Third Dynasty (2686 B . C) , Imhotep was the architect of both the funerary complex and the King's Step Pyramid at Saqqara . In a famous myth , his duty as an advisor is highly manifested . That myth relates that Zoser went to Aswan to plead the god for stopping a famine that struck Egypt . After consulting his books , Imhotep said that the reason of god Khnum's rage was Zoser's negligence of the Temple of the god . Thus , he prescribed that a journey should be made to the angered god to whom the king should pay the due tribute .
Though not a king and merely a man of a lower position , Imhotep was largely defied , especially after nearly two thousand years after his death . In Imhotep's honor , temples were erected at Memphis , Philae , and Thebes and a school of medicine and magic was built for him at a hospital at Memphis . Probably , his tomb (not yet discovered) lies somewhere in the funeral complex at Saqqara .

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