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Tourism in Saqqara

Tourism in Saqqara.
Saqqara is a vast Ancient Egyptian necropolis in Giza Governorate of , about 18 km to the south of Giza City. The uniqueness of the site rests on its being the only necropolis in Egypt that includes tombs from the dawn of the Egyptian History till its end. Additionally, it includes some monuments of the Greco-Roman Period. It was named after the god of the necropolis, Sokar. In studying the monuments of the necropolis, we can divide the site into a number of sections: Firstly, The Northern Section; it comprises a number of tombs, the most famous of which are the Tomb of Kaaper (Sheikh El Balad) and the Tomb of Hesire. The northern section also includes a Serapeum (the underground galleries reserved for burying the Ibis and Baboon after their mummification), a number of mud-brick mastabas ...Read More

Tourism in Saqqara

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Feet that were originally for standing statues belonging to Djoser

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