Vespasian (69-79 AC)

The 68th year witnessed many of political and military turmoil in the Roman Empire . General Galba declared himself emperor and Nero committed suicide . But Galba was defeated and General Otho succeeded him just for 3 months then Vitellus ascended the throne .
The Roman Empire in the East refused to recognize the new emperor and acclaimed Vespasian , who came to Egypt to implement an embargo on wheat to Rome to topple Vitellus . But when Vespasian knew that Vitellus was killed , he abstained from implementing this embargo , so as to win the affection of the Romans .
During the reign of Vespasian , another Jewish revolution broke out in Palestine , but it was suppressed by Titus who was welcomed as a hero in Alexandria .

Egyptian hieroglyph text on a royal sarcophagus from the Valley of the Kings (KV.57), the Tomb of Horemheb the last Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty from 1319 B.C.E. to late 1292 B.C.E

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